Our Story

We are here to remind you that self care is a ritual to invest in! We believe that by turning self-care into a Ritual, it becomes a reminder to how important you are. This makes you a priority to yourself and reminds you how strong, capable and worthy of love you are. A Ritual becomes a reflection of what matters to you. which is sacred, and the ways you want to take care of your needs.


We are inspired by global mythologies centering on prominent female deities. The belief that we ourselves are highly powerful forces to be reckoned with if we just accept the powers we hold within. These are the types of Rituals we celebrate:

- A communion with plants through Smoke: a collection of Ritual Incense and smudge sticks

- A meditative kind candle that promotes using vision and smell to push past things that are holding you back.

- A way to connect and honor your body with herbal salt bath soaks.